About Us

My name is Rebecca and I am the creator of The Lash Doll Collection.  I am also the Owner and Founder of Lash Dolls Milwaukee, a Luxury Lash Extension Boutique and Accredited Training Academy, located in Hales Corners, Wisconsin.

Since opening my doors to Lash Dolls Milwaukee, in 2017, I slowly started to add little lash inspired jewelry, accessories and tees to my store front.  The overwhelming love and response from my clients led me wanting to create and offer more, but not just for my beloved clients but for EVERY lash enthusiast out there!  

My creative juices started overflowing;  from creating designs - to late night convos with manufacturers from across the globe - to hand picking colors, patterns, metals, materials, labels, product tags and more!   

Finally my vision for The Lash Doll Collection was coming to life.

As a business owner everything I have every created or done has been with a purpose;  to cultivate a brand where woman could come together, feel empowered and be offered amazing service and outstanding-high quality products.

My heart and soul has poured into this collection.  

It has been overwhelmingly-fun creating and launching It..

I hope you love it as much as I do!